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Lab INIT Robots

The INIT Robots laboratory focuses its activities on the development of interaction modalities for the remote operation of high-autonomy robotic systems. Robotic systems currently available for missions requiring distance from the operator (such as emergency response, autonomous artistic performance, and planetary or underground exploration) are complex to deploy and require operator training. From simulations to remote operation of real devices, the laboratory’s work explores the deployment of systems isolated from the operator, their control during missions and the impact on the operator. The laboratory is used to develop new control devices, but also autonomous remote field deployment mechanisms.

The INIT Robots laboratory is a laboratory of the École de technologie supérieure, in Montreal, Canada (map). It brings together members of the mechanical, electrical and systems engineering departments of ÉTS as well as professors of computer and software engineering from Polytechnique Montréal and from the UQAM School of Design.


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