Audrey Rochette is an interdisciplinary choreographer with a strong interest in the dialogue between the body and technology, the relationship to otherness and the questions ecosystems. Her works have been shown at Tangente and La Chapelle — Scènes Contemporaines (Montreal), Dance Matters (Toronto) and the Festivaleke (Charleroi, Belgium). She is currently working on the creation of Diorama, an interactive and performative installation focusing on the ethics of relationships between the living and the non-living in an artificial ecosystem composed of material, technological and organic individuals. As a performer, she danced for many choreographers and artists, including the company kondition pluriel, which works at the crossroads of media arts and performance. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in dance at the University of Quebec in Montreal, Audrey is involved in various academic research projects in Montreal and abroad, notably with Nicole Harbonnier and Geneviève Dussault in Movement Observation-Analysis (OAM), as well as in the project on automated robotic learning Machine Movement Lab” led by Petra Gemeinboeck.